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Mouse clicking response on an image


I am trying to implement corsi block tapping test on opensesame now.

So far I have been successful in conceptualizing the task in terms of opensesame. But the only issue that lies here is the response. Following are the hurdles:

  1. The task requires the clicking the boxes in the same sequence as they were lit. I'm not pretty sure if there's a special form that would help me record the responses in this fashion. Is it??

  2. Coding the response as correct/incorrect is the next issue. In this: http://forum.cogsci.nl/index.php?p=/discussion/758/solved-touch-screen-corsi-task-borrowing-a-little-code#latest on author does describes a way to do this but I can't seem to understand this until I figure out a way to record the response at the first place i.e., problem 1

I would be grateful if someone could guide me in this



  • eduardeduard Posts: 1,115

    Hi Vatsal,

    have you checked out the mousetrap plugin? http://osdoc.cogsci.nl/3.1/manual/mousetracking/

    I think this might answer both your questions.


  • Hey Edward

    Thanks I've not yet looked into it. I'll give it a shot


  • Hey!
    (cc @Pascal )

    I have read the documentation for the mousetrap plugin. But I am not too sure whether what mouse tracking option to use i.e, " mousetrap_response item" or " mousetrap_form item." As this was suggested that mousetrap_response item only allows four button clicks however, in my case participants have to make more than four clicking response. Mousetrap_form item presents and collect mouse tracking data however, again I am not sure whether this is applicable in my case or not? This is because I am not sure whether mouse_trap form allows presenting stimulus like a sketchpad and after few presentations collects responses.

    Description of the task: A set of nine boxes are presented on the screen followed by flashing of a set of boxes in random order after which the subject has to click on the boxes in the same order in which they were flashed. This particular task is a standard implementation of corsi block tapping test.

    I would be grateful if you could help me out


  • PascalPascal Posts: 69

    Hi Vatsal,

    I am currently traveling (until Sunday) so just a very short answer now (happy to anwer in detail later).

    If you want to design you stimulus display via a sketchpad/canvas, you can combine the sketchpad/canvas with a mousetrap_response item to track mouse movements and button clicks. The mousetrap_response item itself supports only up to 4 buttons, but the underlying Python class (MT_response) supports any number of items.

    If you want to design your stimulus using OpenSesame script in forms, you can use the mousetrap_form item to both define the stimulus display and to track mouse movements and clicks. If you don't care about the mouse movements, you could also use OpenSesame's own form_base item instead. All of the form based options support any number of items.

    Thanks to the new release of OpenSesame 3.2, things will get easier in mousetrap as well. I haven't finished the mousetrap update yet but expect to do so until next week.

    Regarding the procedure you mentioned ("subject has to click on the boxes in the same order in which they were flashed"): this probably means that you have to use a loop item which calls a sequence of either sketchpad/canvas+mousetrap_response OR a form_base/mousetrap_form to sequentially collect all the clicks of the participant. This is necessary as by default all these items only collect a single button click. The exception would be if you set up the MT_response class in Python code: here you could implement the loop directly in Python.

    Hope this already helps somewhat. Happy to answer more questions once I am back in the office next week.



    Thanked by 1vatsalthebest
  • Hey! Thank you for clearing out few stuffs. I have a couple of clarifications:

    Q1: if I use the mousetrap_reaponse + canvas as a way to present mouse response it would be difficult to collect more than 4 mouse response. However, I could use the mt_response class which allows more than four
    Mouse clicks right?

    Q2: Alternatively, I could use mousetrap_form or opensesame form to display and collect responses?

    This might sound a bit premature but I am worried that even if I manage to collect multiple responses is there a way to code these responses correct/incorrect. Becoz the responses have to be made in correct order i.e
    , they should be made in the same sequence as the boxes were flashed


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