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Hello everyone.
I am currently struggling to create an experiment on opensesame. My experiement requires a separation of files into two categories: original or target picture and a composite. Assumingly, a participant will see a target face, and a collage of 2 composites, and then choose, which one of the two composites was presented in the first place. That is, I use two sketchpads in the opensesame file. How do I upload the pictures so that they will be randomized, but paired? Please, help :(


  • Hi,

    the easiest way of pairing them is by filename. So a composite file, could be something like face_1_2_comp.jpg, whereas original ones, are call face_1_orig.jpg. That;s just an example, there are certainly better ways to label your files.

    The uploading part is rather straightforward, just put all the files in the filepool. Then, you can still randomize and present the paired images based on filenames in the experiment.

    Does this make sense?


  • Thank you very much, Eduard. Do you know how can I upload multiple pics to one sketchpad? When I select the stimuli that I need, it only keeps showing one picture, when I need a selection of them, different picture in different trial. Thanks in advance

  • Hi,

    Multiple pictures to one sketchpad are possible, you just have to add those and make sure to use unique coordinates. Otherwise the images will overlap.


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