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Tobii 4C

Is the Tobii 4C supported by OpenSesame?


  • Hi,

    The question should be is the Tobii 4C supported by Pygaze. According to the documentation, Tobii eyetrackers appear to be supported. Whether that particular model is, I don't know. @Edwin might know, though.


  • Hi both,

    Important disclaimer: I do not have a 4C, and no affiliation with Tobii, so I don't know anything for sure.

    What I do know, is that Tobii did mention that the 4C should work with the new Pro SDK, which is supported by PyGaze (and by extension OpenSesame). However, I do think they requested you contact them if you want to use the 4C for research purposes. So best inquire with them :) (Can heartily recommend it! Their engineers developed with PyGaze/OpenSesame's Tobii Pro SDK support, so they're aware of our software, and keen to help.)


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