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Timing control

Hi Everyone,
i'm trying to build an experiment which measure the effect of interruptions. Therefore i need that while the participant is searching for elements on the screen (he clicks on them), a new picture appear on the screen. I succeeded to make appear the new picture after that the participant found some elements (with an online script), but i wish that the new picture appear after some time and not some actions (clicks).
How could i do that while open sesame works sequentially?

Thank you,



  • Hi Paul,

    The trick is to set the timeout of the keyboard response to a very low number. Like that Opensesame won't wait for a long time until a click occurs, but just keeps on running code. If you have all the code in a while loop, Opensesame keeps on looping, briefly waiting for a keypress and then continue looping. Now, you can add a timer to the while loop that keeps track of how much time has already passed. So, at this step it should be easy to invoke an if statement that presents a new image after a certain time has passed.

    Does that make sense? Let me know if you get stuck.

    (and sorry for the late reply...)


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