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Sound Presentation

Dear all,
I am totally new with Expyriment.
I would like to play 2 sounds simultaneously with a delay of 100 ms approximately between them, but I don't understand very well how to proceed for play these sounds.
They are wave files of 10 sec.
Someone can help me ?
Thank you a lot :)


  • Dear Kolao,

    you can simply create two Audio objects, and then call the play method of each of them 100 ms apart. However, please keep in mind that auditory timing on a computer is not very accurate (with latencies of several hundreds of a second and potential jitter). If you need very accurate auditory timing, we would suggest an external hardware sampler, which you trigger via MIDI.

  • Dear fladd,
    Thank you for this fast answer.
    Now, I can play 2 sounds simultaneously but I do not see how to insert a delay between them.
    Another question, when I present text at screen, how to go to the bottom line (skip a row)?
    "\n" does not work (for me).
    Thank you about recommendation concerning timing, I will use my exp for EEG, so I will add an external hardware sampler for have better timing.

  • Hi,

    But hardware samples is much better.

    Concerning the second question: TextBox stimulus will handle multiple lines (with "\n").

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