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GoNoGo-Task: avg_rt for Go-Trials

Hi everyone,

I made a Go-NoGo Task and I need a feedback of average reactiontime only for the Go-Trials after each block.
Which ways are there to do so?



  • Hi vvogel, the easiest way is probably to select the go trials only after collecting the data. You can easily select cases with Excel's pivot tables, and plenty other tools in other programming languages.

    If you need those response times for providing feedback in the experiment, then you would need to do some coding.

    Let me know if you need help with that, then I give you some pointers.


  • Thank you for your answer!

    I actually want to provide feedback in the experiment and I am not sure about the coding. Maybe you could help me or give me an idea for the coding?

    Thank you,

  • Hi Verena,

    Before a block begins, you have to initialize some variables:

    var.alltimes = 0 # adding up all the response times
    var.numberGoTrials = 0 # counting all the go trials
    var.meanRT = 0 = # mean RT for go trials

    You probably have the variable trial_type (or something similar) defined that has the values go or nogo. After they keyboard response item, you could add an inline_script to your trial sequence and put this code in the run phase:

    var.alltimes += var.response_time
    var.numberGoTrials += 1
    var.meanRT = var.alltimes / float(var.numberGoTrials)

    in the feedback item you can then use the variable var.meanRT.

    Hope this helps,


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