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Have different calibration methods in the same experiment

Hello everybody,

I use a SMI RED 500 and I have 2 calibrations during the experiment. I would like to have a 1st calibration at 9 points and a 2nd at 5 points.
I can not choose the number of calibration points using the exp.eyetracker.calibrate (n) function with n = the number of points. It doesn't work. I have to modify the value in the file which prevents me from having several methods in the same experiment.
I precise that I use the Opensesame 3.1.2 version and iViewX with the SMI computer.

Do you have an idea ?

Thank you !


  • Hi Emilie,

    I don't have any eye trackers here, so I can't test it. But if you managed to find the part of, that is responsible for the number of points to present, you should be able to change this parameter from inside your experiment. To do that you would need to trace the function calls from the top level (exp.eyetracker.calibrate (n)) to the lowest level ( Then, you can first find out why the argument n doesn't do anything and ideally you can then modify the code that, n does change something, or add an argument yourself that is passed on to

    In the beginning this might appear overwhelming, but if you approach it step-by-step you should be able to manage.

    If you get stuck, we can try helping.


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