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Tobii 4C

Hi everyone,

My name is Amélie and I am a student currently working on eye tracking with Tobii 4C.

I used PyGaze in a Python software I wrote earlier this year and it was working fine with the Tobii Pro I had. Unfortunately, I have some trouble running my script with the Tobii 4C. Has anyone encountered the same problem and/or found a solution ?

I read online that the Tobii Pro SDK should work with this eye tracker. So I am a little confused.

Thanks for the help,
Best regards,


  • Hi Amelie,

    The Tobii developers advice that you should contact Tobii for licensing etc. if you'd like to use the 4C for research purposes. They also mentioned that it should work with the new Pro SDK (which is supported by PyGaze).

    Also, without any specific error messages, I'm afraid we won't be able to offer any help. If we don't know what the problem is, we can't fix it :(


  • Hi Edwin,

    The problem is... I don't have any error messages. It runs the script... but then doesn't seem to be connected to my Tobii 4C because I don't get any data as I should. :s

    But I contacted Tobii for those troubles. I hope I'll get some help from them.

    Thanks for your answer :) ,

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