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Testing and comparing contingency coefficients

Hello everyone,

I have administered an attachment test to the two partners of married couples and of couples in LTR; this test yields four attachment styles (nominal scale). I wish to test:
1. If there is an association between the attachment styles of the two partners. I guess I will do this by calculating a contingency coefficient (or Cramer's) for the 4x4 table (rows: attachment styles for partner A, columns: attachment styles for partner B). But how can I test these coefficients for statistical significance?
2. If the association is the same for married partners and for partners in LTR. I guess I will do as in (1), but include the relationship status as a layer. But how can I compare the contingency coefficients with each other (the way a Fisher z-test would do for Pearson r coefficients)?

As for the rest, congratulations for this amazing program! A fresh way of (studying again and) doing statistics!

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