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Setting subjective beta priors in JASP?

Hi everyone,
I have been wondering how to calculate the distribution width which to input for the subjective priors in JASP?

I found how to produce the beta distribution plot in R but what do I enter into JASP?

If I was using the ice cream/weather example for prior calculation from this blog

Could I do it as follows?
There are 10 studies who have measured mood over Antarctic winter using the same tool as I am using for Arctic winter.
9 of the 10 studies have shown that mood is worst in the winter.
Does this mean my prior would be 0.9?

Kind regards,


  • Are you using a binomial model, and do you want to use a beta prior? You can set the "a" and "b" parameters of the prior distribution. If you start from a uniform distribution (big if) then, after seeing 9/10 "successes", you have a = 10 (i.e., 9+1) and b = 2 (i.e., 1+1) to define the prior when awaiting the 11th outcome.


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