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Can't open data set

I tried to open a .sav data-set, which was originally set up on a PC, on my apple computer. The error message raads: "Cannot find charactor set cp1252"

No idea how to get around that?!


  • EJEJ Posts: 461

    Hi Mirjam,

    This looks like an issue for our GitHub page. I'll create the issue for you.


    Thanked by 1MirjamJames
  • MirjamJamesMirjamJames Posts: 2

    Thank you... How does to work?

  • brunobbrunob Posts: 2

    HI Mirjam,
    Can you send me a SPSS file where this error occur? You can send it directly to b.boutin@uva.nl

  • Hi Mirjam,

    One more time a request if it is possible to send us an example SPSS where this problem occurs.
    We made a fix for this issue (see https://github.com/jasp-stats/jasp-desktop/issues/2396)
    and we like to test if this code change fixes the problem.
    Please, if possible, send the attachment to f.a.m.meerhoff@uva.nl (or b.boutin@uva.nl)

    Best regards
    Frans Meerhoff

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