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Text show random problem

Hey! If someone can help me i would be very grateful. I have a problem with my experiment. I have to random Show the words Similar and opposite, in the righ and in the left part of the screen, and i don't know how to do this. Another problem is that if the word Similar is on the left , the word opposite must be on the right, and if the word opposite is in the left, the word similar must be on the right. This shows must appear in random order. Hope I explain clearly. Thanks!


  • Hi Andrada,

    What you are describing is very similar to the idea behind the experiment in the step-by-step tutorial. If work through it you should learn how to randomize stimuli across trials and how to present them at certain locations in the display. And a nice side effect would be that you also get more familiar with how to make experiments in Opensesame.

    Good luck! If you run into questions that you can't answer yourself, don't hesitate to ask.


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