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Fixed Per Block Feedback

I'm creating an experiment with fixed feedback, where 80% of the time it gives positive feedback (or negative, dependent of the condition) and 20% of the time the participant receives neutral feedback. Feedback is to be given every 10 trials, with a total of 100 trials. I've found out how to give feedback per block as opposed to per trial using the 'Cats, dogs and capybaras' tutorial and I've followed another post on here about how to give feedback with different proportions ( but this results in two separate versions and I'm not sure how (if at all) to combine the two.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


  • Hi,

    If you follow the instructions in the link, you can create a list that has as many items as you want to present the feedback. So 10, in case you have 100 trials and want to present feedback once every 10 trials.
    Every time you want to present the feedback, you can then select the current item from it and present this to the participant.

    There are also other possibilities. Can you upload your current attempt, based on that I can suggest editions to make it work.


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