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Logging a mouseclick delimited duration sampler

Hi all,

I am trying to build a relatively easy little experiment which includes a practice run followed by the test blocks.
(you may need the 6x sound files, which can be found:

The experiment involves individuals listening to and walking in time with various sampler items. In the test block, after walking with the sampler, the participant must respond with a mouseclick, while listening to the sound of approaching footsteps, to indicate when they could reach the person they hear approaching. I need to log the onset of the mouseclick during this approaching task.

When I run the experiment as I have it now, I get the error below. However, I do not see which linked_sketchpad is at issue. When I remove the approaching task section of the sequence, everything runs beautifully.

"The variable 'linked_sketchpad' does not exist. Tip: Use the variable inspector (Ctrl+I) to see all variables."

In the test block, which is looped to repeat 6 times (once per condition), the sequence is as follows:
walking trial instructions (sketchpad) - keypress duration
walking sound (sampler) - sound duration
fixation cross (sketchpad) - set ms duration
approaching task instruction - keypress duration
fixation cross (sketchpad) - 0ms duration
approaching footsteps (sampler) - mouseclick duration

Could you tell me if I need to add some extra variables to log the onset of the mouseclick in the approaching footsteps sampler?

And more importantly, do you think you can identify what silly mistake I have made which is producing the error of the missing sketchpad variable?

Many thanks in advance and very best wishes,



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