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stimuli.Picture data sources

edited March 2018 in Expyriment

Hi all,

The documentation for the stimuli.Picture class shows how to create a Picture stimulus from an image file given a file path, but is there any way to create a Picture stimulus from a python data structure, e.g., an Image object as returned by the Pillow library? I'm thinking about use cases where a user might want to read in an image file, and transform it in some way (convert to greyscale, resize) before presenting it.

Thanks for any guidance!


  • edited April 2018


    not directly in Expyriment. But you could probably attempt to manipulate the surface of the stimulus (which is a Pygame surface). I would, however, suggest to not do this, as it might break some Expyriment internal things for that stimulus.

    As an alternative, I would probably just first open the picture with Pillow, manipulate it there, save it as a temporary file, and load that file as an Expyriment Picture stimulus.


  • Dear Whopper,

    if you need Pillow images you can use the following new Expyriment (extra) stimulus class, which will be soon available via the experiment-stash.


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