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[open] Interstimulus Interval (ISI)

edited April 2013 in OpenSesame

I am trying to create a fixed ISI for my task that is sensitive to participants response time. For example, I have tried to set the stimulus duration by defining it as "1000-avg_rt" so that the stimulus duration will be a function of participants response time (faster response leads to longer stimulus duration) but it didnt work.
I will appreciate any suggestions how to create a fixed ISI that can overcome participants response time.


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    Hi Noam,

    The best way to achieve this is to insert a variable delay immediately after collecting the response. By doing so, the total delay (response_time + delay) is always the same.

    The delay would be, for example, 2000 ms - response_time. You could do this by inserting an inline_script item right after the keyboard_response, with the following code in the Run phase tab:

    fixed_dur = 2000
    self.sleep(fixed_dur - self.get("response_time"))

    Does this make sense?



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