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JASP and repeated measures with a covariante

Hi, I'm in 3rd year psychology and struggling to know HOW to run my repeated measures test with Jasp.
I have scores for time passage judement without and with Time Pressure.
So, I do a repeated measures. Ok.
I want to test the effet of time pressure on time passage judgement scores.
I also have Attention test scores for all the participants and want to know if high attention capacities protect participants from the influence of time pressure on their passage of time judgement.
So, I ant to see if there is an intercation???
When I put in Attention as a covariante my test is no longer significant for the effet of time pressure.
I'm thinking that attention can't be an in between subject factor...but when I put it in as that my test is significant...
CONFUSED. Would be grateful if someone could shed light on this for me.


  • Dear soulclimber,

    So Attention is a single-number, between-subjects variable? What people sometimes to is discretize the Attention variable so that they can look for an interaction in an ANOVA. Clearly this discretization is somewhat arbitrary and throws away information. So it seems better to add Attention as a covariate. I'm sure an internet search will come up with more answers (e.g.,

    It you'd like more detailed feedback you can make the JASP file available, either here or by uploading it to the OSF (so the link will allow us to view the --possibly annotated-- output)

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