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Logistic regression and interaction

Hello I am testing JASP
I want to perform a logistic regression analysis on two independent variables (both have two states 0 and 1) with one dependent variable (the number of correct answers)
In SPSS I can calulate the interaction between the two independent variables
is this also possible in JASP?


  • Hi Jan,

    I'll forward this question to our logistic regression expert, but I think the expert will probably want to know what you mean exactly. In logistic regression, your dependent variable needs to be binary; for the predictors there is no such restriction. So it would be useful to know which y exactly you are trying to predict with which x's.


  • Hello E.J.
    thanks for your reply.
    the y is correct answers with values 0 and value 1
    my independent variables are also binary:
    timerelation with value 1 or 2
    and genderorder with values 1or 2

  • Hi Jan,
    since you have three dichotomous variables, you can use log-linear analysis.
    In Jasp:
    Frequencies -> Log-Linear Regression
    and enter the three variables in the Factors box.


  • Hi Jan,

    I'd like to add that you can also add interactions in a similar way to how it's done in linear regression: open the the Model section, select both variables together in components (by holding shift while selecting) and add it to Model Terms.

    It will look somewhat like this:

  • Hello MAgoJ,
    thank you for your reply
    i am going to work that out!

  • Hello evankesteren,
    thank you for your suggestion!
    I will work on that too

  • Hello evanKesteren
    something like this?

  • Hi Jan,
    from the attached image, I understand that the variable Correctantwoord only returns 0 and 1 to indicate wrong or correct answer.
    You must enter it in the Factor box, not in the Counts (optional) box.
    If your data were organized as a contingency table, the counting variable to be included in the Counts box would be frequencies.
    I am attaching screenshots1 for fake data, organized like yours and screenshot_2 for the same data organized as frequencies from the contingency table.


  • Hello MAgoJ,
    thank you very much thats clear!
    i will look at my data again

  • Hello MAgoJ,
    works perfect thank you

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