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combining loops

Hey All,

I'm just getting started with Open Sesame and I have a (hopefully) simple question. How can I combine loops? I have to make three loops for my experiment in linguistics: a full factorial loop with double objects, one with object shft, and a third loop with ungrammatical examples as fillers and controls. I there a way of randomising the items across loops? Or should I just create the full factorial designs for each of my conditions and manually combine it in a mega loop and randomise from there? Thanks!


  • Hey,

    I'm afraid I don't quite understand what it is exactly that you need. Would you mind elaborate a little more?
    The specific linguistic factors, etc. don't really matter, but it would be important to know, how the structure of the experiment and one block/trial should look like.



  • Hey,

    Well, I have three main parts of my experiment: ditransitive structures, object shift, and fillers. Each of those has its own variables and I cannot merge them into a single block. I don't want to test them in separate blocks, but have the examples from the two target conditions and the fillers appear randomly. In addition, each condition will have to be repeated n times but with a different example (different sentence). My experiment needs to combine items from all the loops in a random way. The trial should be like so: the target sentence appears on the screen, the participant clicks a keyboard button once he has read the sentence, then the target sentence appears and they have to decide whether this is good or bad (two separate answer keys for good and bad). None of the target sentences will be strictly speaking ungrammatical but for some I expect the reaction time to be slower, and this is the aim of the task, see which structures take more processing load.
    So, is there a way to include all the blocks in a bigger block which will then randomly take items from all of them?
    Is this clearer?

    Thank you.


  • Hi Marta,

    A little better but I have still trouble understanding the problem. Why can't you combine all information in a single block? If the trial sequence is always the same (Present Sentence -->button press (read)-->another sentence (?)-->button press (good/bad)), but the only difference is the sentence that is presented in each of them, I don't see why it should work inside a single block. Only if the trial_sequence is different per condition, things might get complicated. But still then it is probably possible to have them inside a single block, only that you have to use inline_scripts then to set up the task.


  • Hi Eduard,

    I can't have them in a single block because the variables are different for the ditransitives and for the object shift examples as displayed in the two loops below.

    I would like the examples to run randomly from one loop or the other, including fillers.
    Do you know if I can find anywhere the example of an inline_script that has done something similar?


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