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How to fix file downloads in the OpenScienceFramework extension

edited March 2018 in OpenSesame

Recently the people behind the Open Science Framework have made some changes to their platform that broke the download functionality of the OpenSesame OSF extension. We will incorporate a fix for this in OpenSesame's next maintenance release (3.2.3), but if you can't wait for this, you can already update the problematic module yourself by executing the following command in the debug window (only for OpenSesame >3.1):

import pip
pip.main(['install', 'python-qosf', '--upgrade'])

After this command (and possibly a restart of OpenSesame), the Open Science Framework extension should work again as intended.

For those interested, more elaborate instructions about upgrading internal modules of OpenSesame can be found on

Please let us know if the above has helped you (or not).

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