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Bayesian Log-Linear Regression


I am looking into using Bayesian Log Linear Regression and I have 2 quick questions:

1) When I run this on my data, the BF10 = 1. I did come across a thread about this ( but this is still occurring even when I have it set to display the 2 best models. Is this suppose to be the case?

2) Is there any way to do post-hocs on this? I have a 2(group)x4(condition) design and I would like to see where the group differences are. Would it be possible to look at 2x2 contingency tables as post-hocs?

Thank you for your help!


  • Hi mspr,

    1. The BF10 =1 because the "H0" in the comparison is the model on the first row -- in other words, the model is compared against itself.
    2. We have some post-hoc correction for pairwise comparisons in the ANOVA. It is based on an adjustment of the prior model odds. Something similar could be worked out here, I guess. So yes, you can look at 2x2 tables post-hoc, but you would need to correct by adjusting the prior model odds. This can be based on subjective considerations (how likely was this particular effect a priori?) or on a consideration of how many post-hoc tests you have available. But this has not (yet) been implemented in JASP.
  • Hi EJ,

    Thank you for your help!

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