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Intermittent missing data "mapped pupil diameter"- psychopy and SMI red-m

Hi everyone!

I am a PhD student in Australia. I am using psychopy to record and save pupillometry data as IDF files during various speech-in-noise tasks, and then using the IDF converter to convert the IDF files into text files.
We have had several random instances of the converted IDF data missing all the "Mapped pupil diameter (mm)" values. The idf converter has greyed out the option of selecting this particular data set. However, the pupil diameter X and Y values (in pixels) are present in the IDF files.
Does anyone know what might be causing the problem of the "Mapped pupil diameter (mm)" data to be missing, even though the pupil diameter X and Y values (in pixels) have been recorded? Note: the issue seems to happen randomly.

Is there a way that we can re-generate the missing "Mapped pupil diameter (mm)" data from the IDF files that have been saved (ie the pixel data)?

FYI, using a different SMI RED-m did not fix the problem.

I have been in contact with SMI (when they were still providing help) and other groups that use the same system but have not yet found a solution. It doesn't help that the problem is intermittent, thus hard to detect when solved!

Any help is greatly appreciated and I am very happy to provide more details of the study/problem if need be.

Thanks so much in advance!


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