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reaction too slow?

Hi developers,
I am using Opensesame to build up a lexical decision task. However, the reaction seems VERY slow. There was almost a second delay between the key press and the disappearance of the visual word.

I didn't have this problem before with a few elements in one sequence. But this time I have more than 20 elements in one sequence, which might cause the trouble?

I've attached part of the experiment.

Thanks a lot,


  • Hi Mengzhu,

    I suspect that the delay you're seeing is due to preparation for the next trial. You have a lot of sketchpad items in your sequence, and these all need to be prepared, which can take some time. And this introduces a delay between trials.

    One workaround is to add a blank sketchpad to the end of the sequence, so that you at least get immediate feedback. Of course this will not reduce the delay as such, but it will reduce the feeling of unresponsiveness.

    Also, I think your experiment can probably be implemented with fewer than 10 layers of loops and sequences and 40 items in the sequence :wink:


    There's much bigger issues in the world, I know. But I first have to take care of the world I know.

  • Thanks for your reply, Sebastiaan. You're right:)
    The delay was solved by using the 'run if' function to play a specific item I wanted to reduce the sketchpad items in the sequence:)

  • You may also use inline_scripts. Then you can prepare the pictures beforehand. With many pictures it may take some seconds at the start of the experiment, but during the experiment (loops) there is no delay at all ;)

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