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Hello again!
I have a few more questions, but they are of another subject, so I'm starting a new discussion.
The experiments purpose is to test the visual field of a subject. This is done by showing dots on a sketchpad in different locations on the screen. It's really a quite simple experiment, but has it's usabilty. I orginally made the experiment in E-prime, but am converting it to OpenSesame.
But in the original experiment there was a feedback screen which showed the amount of correct responses to each location of the dot. The dot would be presented 3x in the same location. The counter would count once for a correct response and then add this to a variable. So the value would in 100% accuracy be 3.
My question is, how would you suggest, that I create this feedback in Open Sesame? I have found the count_[item_name] command, but unsure where to put it, and which variable to refer to.
I hope this makes sense otherwise I be happy to elaborate.

Kind Regards
Bo A.


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    So, if I understand correctly, you want to know how many correct responses there have been, irrespective of the proportion of correct responses (i.e. accuracy), right? In that case, you will want to use [total_correct]. You can find a list of such variables here:

    Just for clarity, the [count_item_name] variables keep track of how often items is called, so they do not reflect the participant's responses.


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