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Response & Response time registration problem

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to implement my first experimental design in OpenSesame and I think it runs quite well. However, when I look at the file with all the data collected, responses and responses times are missing. I made a few manipulations in order to identify the source of the problem and I think it occurs because I drew in my sketchpad rect_elements and image_elements which are superimposed. Does someone know if there is a possible conflict between the two elements and, if so, how it's possible to overcome the problem ?

Thanks a lot,



  • Hi estelle,

    I think it occurs because I drew in my sketchpad rect_elements and image_elements which are superimposed

    This wouldn't lead to missing response times. have you added a logger to your experiment? And are you collecting responses?

    If you share your structure and/or experiment, we will quickly be able to find out what is wrong.


  • Hi eduard,

    Thanks for the information. I had a logger to my experiment, and everything is working when either rect_elements or images are alone and not superimposed. The responses I have are in fact the names of my rect_elements (which I supposed equivalent to mouse coordinates).
    I have attached my experiment to this comment (sorry for the structure, it looks a little bit like a makeshift job !).


  • ok, in fact it seems it's too large -- trying print screen

    I don't know if this can be helpfull...

  • Maybe you can upload the experiment somewhere else and share the download link here? FOr example, ? From looking at your screenshots, I can't see anything apparently wrong with it.


  • Hi Estelle,

    I ran the experiment and looked at the file, and both responses as well as response_times are present. (In Excel, they are in the columns "CS" and "CT". Can you doublecheck whether they are really missing in your logfile? How many columns does your logfile have?


  • Hi Eduard,
    I run it once more and the file stays the same ; I can see responses and responses times in the colums CS and CT but they are present only for the click on the 'next' button and the next one (needed to change the display). All other clicks leed to no response or response time. Is it the same for you ? The last colum is "EK".


  • Can you share one of your logfiles?

    I attached one of mine.

  • I put one of mine. It looks like the file you sent, but I still can't see were are the responses and responses times in CS and CT columns ?
    here is what I can see from your file :

    In the CS column I have fpund the response '6' which corresponds to the "next" button and the responses times attached in column CT, is it right ?

  • Ok, I think this is an issue to do with encoding of the log file when opened in excel or something similar. So, it is not directly related to Opensesame. Normally, openesame writes comma-separated value files (csv files). So when you doubleclick on the file and Excel opens up, you can choose the value to separate the columns. Make sure you use commas here. See for example here.

    Actually, even in your file I could see all the responses. So the information is definitely present.


  • Ok, I can now see this ! I was selecting comma and text format but it didn't work before. I have followed the entire procedure described in the link you sent and it finally works. Thanks a lot for your help and sorry for what was finally a detail.
    Thanks again,

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