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Help to design ABX auditory discrimination task!!!

Can anybody help me to design neat and clear this task?
I am new to this program and get in trouble with design the manual and operating it, I will be greatly appreciated if any body has the similar template for this experiment. I will do ABX discriminaion task for certain set of phonemic minimal pair, so the stimuli should be in certain set, for example, A-B-A, A-B-B with fixed word set(ex. dad-mad-mad).So far, I designed as follows: but I can't figure out how to manipulate those set with 3 sequential sound sampler with advanced-delay icon.

I'll be appreciated for your help or any similar template that I could take as a reference!!
Thank you~


  • Oh, and I have 8 stimuli that should be matched by certain pairs and operated randomly.

  • One more thing~ Excuse my unclear explanation. The set of stimuli should be with same number.
    For example: f1-v1-f1 or f1-v1-v1 like this.

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