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counterbalancing 4 blocks

I am quite new to OpenSesame, so I am currently doing an experiment that involves in 4 block, and I am trying to counter-balance the order of the blocks, which should have 24 different combinations. I have watched the counter-balancing tutorials, and I only have 4 combinations after followed those steps mentioned in the video, so could someone help?

many thanks



  • Also, how can the results file comes out with a clear structure, for example, with block names?
  • Hi,

    For this, you need to do a few things:

    • First get all possible orders of the four blocks. You can do this with itertools.permutations().
    • Then get one order (from all possible orders) based on the subject_nr variable
    • Use this order to define four variables: block1, block2, etc.
    • And then use these variables to determine which block is executed first, second, etc.

    This probably sounds a bit abstract, but it's not that complicated. I attached a simple example.


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