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Segmentation fault 11 when opening 2 experiments in succession


I have a relatively complex paradigm (with multiple different tasks) where I find it useful to execute different tasks as separate expyriment scripts. Now when I run the script that shall execute these tasks, I get a "Segmentation fault: 11" after the first task is finished. The execution of the next tasks stops.
I found in the changelog that there was some fix with Expyriment 0.6.0 ( that looks pretty similar to my problem.
I use Expyriment 0.9.0 (Python 3.6.3). Anyone has some ideas what I could do?


  • Thanks for pointing me to our old changelog! I entirely forgot that we fixed this before. I was trying to fix this issue for a while now and had not clue what the issue is. I now looked up the old code and while the issue was not the same back then, it gave me the right direction to look for. I finally was able to fix it! Will be part of the next release. You can try already by pulling from the master branch.

    Florian Krause (Developer)

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