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Need dll files from SMI

The SMI webpage have removed all access to protocols after they closed down. Do anybody have access to these two files: ‘iView XAPI.dll’, and ‘iView XAPI.h’?

Would be super grateful!


  • Hi Ester,

    Really? They took the SDK offline? The links that are provided on @Edwin's PyGaze documentation are indeed broken, but it seems that you can still register and log onto the SMI site. Could you first double-check that there's indeed no way to access the SDK anymore? If not, then we can see whether and how we can make sure that people can still get their hands on it.


  • I can confirm that they took all the download links offline when they sold the company about a year ago.

    If not, then we can see whether and how we can make sure that people can still get their hands on it.

    I have -what I believe to be- the latest version of the SDK. If you mean that you want to host it, I'd be happy to send you the file, as long as it's legal ;)

  • Thanks so much for the offer, @cesco! Unfortunately, we cannot legally host those kinds of files. However, people who have bought an SMI device and the SDK in the past have a legal right to the SDK.

    I'm by no means informed enough in legal matters, so please do double-check this, but I think they might be within their rights to contact you and ask for it?

    Regardless, it's very sad that Apple shafted all current SMI users by removing those downloads.

  • @ester I've been in contact with a SMI support staff about a problem with their mobile eye tracking system. Here is the email: I think you can ask them for the files. They actually reply pretty quickly.

    Good luck.

  • edited September 2018

    If you need dll file for SMI then download Libcurl.dll [LINK REMOVED] and installed it then you have to go into the system setting then your problem will be solved.

  • edited September 2018

    Hi @khushbu,

    You've posted a link to a website that was created rather recently from an account that is very new. In addition, the URL you used has (seemingly) nothing to do with the library you reference, and that pops up very regularly in spammy comments on other websites.

    As this is all a bit suspicious, I removed the link. Please do let me know if this was in error.


  • Hi @cesco

    I accidentally purged my harddisk recently and cannot find the SDK anymore, would you mind sharing your sdk installation file with me?


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