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Running out of memory when using a large number of videos and media_player_mpy (Mac OS)


I'm trying to construct an experiment that uses around 40 5 second long silent video stimuli. In my experimental loop I show a video first for a short duration (120ms) and then that same stimuli for gradually increasing durations until the correct key is pressed. To do this I have a sequence of media_player_mpy items, all of which are set to run if '[correct] = 0' apart from the first item.

As I run the experiment I eventually run out of memory on my computer, and I believe this may be because the videos are loaded into memory and then never cleared. Is there a way to manually clear the buffer at the end of each sequence?


  • Hi,

    Maybe this discussion here will be helpful.

    Basically, the media player plugin is a little old and doesn't properly close video files. To avoid the issue, you can try doing some inline_scripting (as described in the other discussion)

    Good luck,


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