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changing drift correction fixation shape

After working with a number of different wrappers and tracker company APIs (varying levels of success), I have really enjoyed adopting PyGaze. Not only do wrapper calls work well to open communication with the tracker, but I find the language very intuitive and concise. Thanks! I have a few anti-saccade tasks coded in which I used the code as the base for writing the scripts. My only hiccup is that I prefer a (larger) fixation point (fixcross). This is simple; however, if I want to use drift correction (as per I must use the small white dot before manually changing to a cross. I cannot find in the documentation or any of the examples how to alter the properties of the fixation in drift correction. I thought it was in the:
share/opensesame_plugins/pygaze_drift_correct/ file.
But changing the code there had no effect? Perhaps the call is to the .pyc file?
Can you provide any suggestions? Thanks.

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