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Monitoring Participants' Gaze on a Second Monitor

edited September 2018 in PyGaze

Hi all,

In eye tracking experiments, it is often important to see real-time gaze-overlaid stimuli on a second monitor. I was wondering if anyone knows how to do this using OpenSesame and PyGaze. I am actually able to do this using the SMI tracker, since it naturally has a dual-pc setup. But I am particularly interested in doing so in EyeTribe and Tobii systems.

Thank you!


  • edited September 2018

    Hi Han,

    Unfortunately, the EyeTribe has no built-in support for this. That means you would have to code your own interface. This is not trivial, but should be doable if you have prior programming experience (and are familiar with Python sockets). Basically, you would have a coroutine with an inline script, in which you continuously* poll the most recent gaze position (via the eyetracker.sample() method), and then send this info through a socket connection to a second computer.

    * Continuously here meaning "every 17-30 milliseconds, and sleep in between, to avoid wasting computing resources"

    The story for Tobii is similar, although their API might afford a more direct route. (You'd have to check that, as I don't know it very well.)

    Good luck!

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