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Skipping ahead in a sequence or to a new sequence in the same loop.

Hello all,

For my experiment, I have a sequence of different sketchpad items that the participant clicks through and must try to identify verbally. Once they have provided the correct identity, the experimenter will press a key which will take them directly to a response form. This would require a command on each of the sketchpad items that allows a certain keypress to skip ahead to a last item in the sequence (the response form), OR exits/ends the current sequence and brings up the following sequence in the same loop that contains the response form.

I think this result could also be achieved using the "Run if" section of each sketchpad item in the sequence. Each sketchpad item would only run if the experimenter presses a certain key. If they do not press this key, the program will move to a later item in the sequence, or move to the next sequence within the loop.

Any help you all can provide is much appreciated.


  • Hi harrison,

    Would it be possible to build a loop around the sketchpad's? Then you can really have a very basic sequence of sketchpad and keyboard_response, with the run if statement of the sketchpad to be set to a certain key (e.g. [response] = 'c'). Then you just would want to make sure that you define the response to be True before you enter the loop (otherwise the sketchpad will never be executed).

    Hope this helps,


  • Thank you so much Eduard, the response = key has worked well

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