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Integrating GazePoint w/ PsychoPy


We are attempting to integrate a GP3 eye tracker into our PsychoPy experiment and have had numerous issues. Unfortunately, the online resources are somewhat limited. Has anyone else had success integrating the tracker? If so, guidance would be much appreciated!

Thank you,


  • Hi Courtney,

    Would you mind providing a little more detail, please?

    The GP3 is supported in PyGaze by default, but there are a few bugs in GazePoint's latest SDK. Those are fixed in a pre-release version, though, so I would be happy to share that if you're interested! (There are actually two pre-release solutions: GazePoint has fixed the bug in their own SDK, and there is a work-around implemented in a pre-release of PyGaze.)

    If the problems you're having are of a different nature, please do elaborate.


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