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“The experiment process was killed” constantly

Hey guys,

I am running an experiment using version 3.2.5 and confronted a problem, that is, the experiment process was always killed suddenly during the experiment. I'm not sure what the problem may be. Anyone have an idea? Would really appreciate that!

Best regards,

Python 2.7.13

  • Type "help()", "copyright()", "credits()" or "license()" for more information.
  • Use the "print([msg])" function in inline_script items to print to this debug window.
  • Inspect inline_script variables when an experiment is finished.

[2018-10-25 09:43:57,535:process:152:INFO] Starting experiment as ExperimentProcess-2
Expyriment 0.9.1b2-11-gc100ee8 (Python 2.7.13)
[2018-10-25 09:43:59,996:legacy:185:INFO] sampling freq = 48000, buffer size = 1024
[2018-10-25 09:44:00,464:experiment:450:INFO] experiment started
[2018-10-25 09:44:00,466:experiment:454:INFO] disabling garbage collection
[2018-10-25 09:44:07,280:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 19.0 ms
[2018-10-25 09:44:13,776:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 26.0 ms
[2018-10-25 09:44:29,025:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 22.0 ms
[2018-10-25 09:44:39,253:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 17.0 ms
[2018-10-25 09:44:43,095:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 48.0 ms

The experiment process was killed.

time: Thu Oct 25 09:44:50 2018


  • Hi Neo,

    This happens if you click on the red 'Stop' button (new in 3.2) while the experiment is running. I don't see how you could get this specific message in any other way, because if the experiment crashes you should get a different error message. Are you accidentally clicking on the red 'Stop' button?


  • Hi there,

    I have the similar problem that averagely programme crashed 1 in 10.

    Here I attached my experiment file. I used 3.25 version (there is not image material in it, since I find I have too much image and fail to up load the osexp file, so I delete the image to make it small, but you can see my code).

    I find after around 15 times key press in the same trial, the refresh time become large, for example:

    [.......:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 980.0 ms

    And some times it crashs.

    Any help can I get?

    Is crash because I put too much images?

    Appreciated any answers. @sebastiaan


  • @chengyang I see that @eduard already answered this question here. For future reference, please help us keep the forum clean by not posting the same question multiple times. And certainly don't tag different moderators in each post in order to draw attention!

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