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Logging the variable of "Loop Value at Point of Breaking"

Hello all,

I have a loop that is running values in a table sequentially. When a certain key is pressed, the loop breaks. I would like to log the value at which the loop breaks as a variable. I would like this variable to be logged every the loop run and is broken. For example, the loop table has values 60, 70, 80, 90. If it is run 3 times, and is broken at the value of 60, value of 80, and then value of 60, I would like the data to output first run = 60, second run = 80, third run = 60.

Any help you all can provide is much appreciated.


  • Hi,

    You can add a inline_script right after the loop. In its runphase you can put somehting like: var.value_at_break = var.value. If you have a logger item after that, it will save the variables (you can also manually log inside the inline script:


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