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JASP: font in figures - how to manage/edit?

Hi, I generated simple frequency and correlation plots but the visualization is clearly not working out. Seems like the font is way to large, which ends up reducing greatly (in fact, completely hiding) figures -- see my screenshot:

I can't quite see how to manage font size, any input please?


  • Yeah this should not happen. It may be an issue that we've already resolved. Advice:
    1. Please post the issue on our GitHub page, so the team can take a look (see
    2. A new version of JASP will be out shortly.

  • ok, thank you, can't wait to see the new version!

  • Just for feedback, I think I found the issue: I had up-sampled resolution to 300ppi (which is what scientific journals typically ask for). So probably whatever fix should be mindful of that. When I go back down to 96ppi it displays just fine.

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