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Acquire eye gaze direction at low cost

hey, guys

I'm now helping a doctor develop a device which could record eye gaze direction in a real time, we want to buy a commercialized device to realize the function, but we find most eye tracker, they r too expensive, doctor don't want to spend so much money on this.

we just want to know the gaze direction in real time and better make it a head mounted device. so we decide to develop this device based on infrared webcam, i want to know if there is a commercialized or opensource software could use the webcam picture to acquire the eye gaze direction data?

or it would be good if you have a better idea to acquire eye gaze direction at low cost.



  • Hi,

    I don't know whether there is more advanced software out there, but maybe this (slightly dated) attempt of @Edwin could be useful to you?


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    Hi Jackey,

    For medical purposes, I would advise against using my webcam eye-tracking software that @eduard linked without further improvements ;) It's mostly a toy example, and too immature to work in this kind of context.

    Would you be able to disclose what your budget is, so that we could maybe try to recommend trackers within the range you could afford? (If any exist.)

    Furthermore, if you'd be happy to tell me a bit more about what you're trying to do, we might be able to collaborate. For example, I might be able to loan you one of my trackers for a proof-of-principle study. This might help you collect the results that could then be used in a grant application to obtain your own device. We don't have to discuss this publicly if you're not keen on releasing research ideas. Instead, you would be very welcome to email me on


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