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Errors in pygaze analyser source code

I am trying to get the output for pygazeAnalyser source code
The above link has "" code and the error am getting is,

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "E:\pygaze\PyGazeAnalyser-master\examples\analysis\", line 37, in
raise Exception("ERROR: no data directory found; path '%s' does not exist!" % DATADIR)
Exception: ERROR: no data directory found; path 'E:\pygaze\PyGazeAnalyser-master\examples\analysis\data' does not exist!

I want to see the sample output for heatmaps. I don’t have any eyetracker hardware. How can I get the data folder to get the output?


  • Hi,
    Hope you all are busy in your schedules. Please, spend some time to answer my questions

  • Hi,

    As the error message indicates, this is not an error in the code at all, but simply indicates that you have not provided data. The error message indicates that it expects a data folder to exist (obviously at least one data file in the valid format should be in there too).


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