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Keeping the Zotero package up to date

I have build scripts that detect new Zotero releases -- because the Zotero PPA fell behind a while I had set up my own repo for Zotero packages, but now the PPA has been updated again, I'd prefer to go back to the PPA . Is there an easy way for me to ping the maintainers an update is needed? I could volunteer to run the builds -- I already do it for my own repo (which I could then deprecate).


  • Hi,

    I update the Zotero with some regularity. However, they push bugfix releases very often, and sometimes it takes a while for me to get around to do it. There's no need to ping me!

    I already do it for my own repo (which I could then deprecate).

    Do you mean that you also maintain a PPA for Zotero? If so, where can I find it?


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    Sorry for the late response -- I had assumed the forum would mail me when responses came in but had forgotten to enabled that in my settings here.

    I previously had packaged builds that would include the binaries (which were built and distributed on github, not in launchpad). A few people use those packages, but not many.

    I've set up a PPA since (for which I'm currently the only user), for which the sources can again be found on github.

    That 2nd github repo has a script that automates the entire process of detecting and publishing new builds for multiple series (currently trusty, xenial and bionic), and a different process running that checks every night whether a new release from zotero (or jurism, the script adds both) has dropped. As a side effect, it also generates a new installer for that version (which is just a copy of the postinst, which will also work outside the package).

    (edit: this package also sets up the desktop environment such that zotero://select links will work)
    (further edit: this install also prevent users from attempting to do manual upgrades from within Zotero by installing a firefox policy)

  • Hi,

    That looks really nicely done. Much better than my own makeshift solution. Do you also have plans to package Zotero Standalone? If so then I could deprecate my PPA and point users towards yours. (I have no particular desire to maintain the Zotero PPA. I just did it because there was no good alternative.)


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    These packages are effectively zotero-standalone -- zotero for firefox has been discontinued.

    I also don't have a specific desire to maintain the Zotero PPA, but I need up-to-date versions of Zotero and Juris-M for the automated tests of my own Zotero extensions, and the PPA just sort of rolled out of that. The Zotero devs have expressed some interest in including it into their own build process, but until that materializes, I intend to keep this updated. The nightly checks for new Zotero/Juris-M releases mean it will usually be updated within 24 hours of a new release dropping on either.

    (edit: forgot to mention earlier, my packages also include a dependency on libnss3-dev to address this issue.)

  • after a user report, cosmic has been added to my PPA

  • To me it looks like you have a great and zero-maintenance set-up that automatically detects and packages new Zotero releases. So I'm wondering: What do you need my PPA for?

  • I don't really, I just need a packaged version of Zotero, but I strongly prefer there to be a single place where people get Zotero since that simplifies my support for my own Zotero plugin. Your PPA predates mine so I wanted to offer my packaging scripts to ease maintenance. My own PPA was mainly set up so I could test the full process of generating it.

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