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Pygaze TSV File

edited January 2019 in PyGaze

Hi there,

I have noticed the following problem. The timestamps during an eye-tracking recording are not synchronized with those indicating when a stimulus is started or stopped. See pictures. Please pay attention to the order of the time stamps. Strangely enough, this occurs completely irregularly. Has anyone found a solution for this?

I use a Tobii Pro Spectrum Eye-Tracker. For the experiment I had set a frequency of 120 HZ.


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    Hi Mirko,

    Interesting problem! My first instinct would be that the samples and messages are logged through different threads. Tobii developers implemented the PyGaze functionality for their Pro SDK, and they're super responsive on GitHub.

    Just file an issue here:

    Make sure to tag the Tobii devs, i.e. @grebdems and @pedrotari7; they're much more likely to pinpoint the problem than I am ;)


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    Hi Edwin,
    Thank you very much for your answer. We already had the same assumption. Only in a strange way the phenomenon occurs sporadically. I'll follow your advice and get in touch with the developers of the Tobii Pro SDK.

    I have one more question. Which software do you use to evaluate your TSV files?

  • hi @mirko

    since you are also using tobii, I am wondering if you have encountered problems with the way the messages o events are logged? specifically with event messages being logged in the wrong columns in the tsv file sometimes?



  • Issue should be solved now! See here for details:

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