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JASP-data are essentially constant


I am trying to run a repeated-measures ANOVA on a set of data with two independent factors.
When I try to run the analysis JASP returns the following message "data are essentially constant".
I understand that this is due to the fact that there is not much variation in the data. The problem is that I still need to run the analysis in order to get an output so that I can show that data really are essentially constant. I read that there is some way around this problem in other statistics software, I was wondering if this can be done in JASP as well.

By the way, if I run a regular ANOVA with two independet factors I get no error message. Why is that?

Thank you all for your help


  • Hi Irepet,

    What appears to be the case is that every row (subject) shows an effect of about the same size, say like this:

    1 200 300
    2 700 800
    3 400 500

    If you drop the repeated measures aspect the results will have sufficient noise/variability. But I'm not 100% sure what you did. Do you have a screenshot of a jasp file (possibly with mock data) you could send? I suspect that something is just not correctly specified.


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