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Hi, I have a large experiment. So im having probles with the loggers. Do I need to put a logger after each loop? And after each form_base(each form_base is a question with multiples options)


  • Hi, you need a logger after every time your participants responded something and the response is stored in a variable that might be overwritten by the next response. So, typically, a response is being given on every trial, and its value is stored in a variable called response (or whatever you want to call it). In this case you would want the logger to be called after every trial to make sure you don't miss any responses. However, if you have no real trials in your experiment and across all the forms that you are using, you only have unique variables, then it would suffice to call the logger only once in the end of the experiment. So it basically it depends on the time when variables are being updated.

    Does this make sense?


  • HI, @eduard THANKS! I could fixed doing something like this and works perfectly fine! All the loggers are
    linked :)

    ![]( ""

    Thanks so much.

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