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Multiple correct keyboard responses

I am very new to OpenSesame and am having trouble being able to log multiple correct responses in my experiment.

My experiment displays a list of 15 sketchpads (showing word stimuli), in sequential order.
Then there are 3 response pages (sketchpads) where 10 words are displayed. Participants need to press the keys of the words they recall seeing during the presentation. I want them to be able to select either 'Q,W,E,R,T,Y,U,I,O,P' where only the responses 'Q;R;T;U;I' are correct. Which responses are correct changes for each of the 3 response pages.

So my questions are: How can I log multiple correct keyboard responses from participants?
Where should I include the keyboard response item and logger in this situation? Currently my structure is 'Response page 1 (sketchpad) - keyboard response item- logger, followed by 'response page 2' - keyboard response item - logger, and so on.



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