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Python 3 compatibility

Is pygaze compatible with python 3.* now, or should I still use python 2.7?



  • Hey, just checking. Is pygaze compatible with python 3? Sorry if the question is answered somewhere. All I could find was a post from a few years ago saying that it was only compatible with 2.7. Thanks!
  • As far as I understand, python 3 is supported via Futurize in the newer versions of OpenSesame. However, some of the dependencies may be 2.7 only.

    Good question though, because :)

  • Thanks! Just to be clear, would pygaze be supported in python 3.6 in combination with psychopy, then? I'm not using opensesame.

  • We're working on it! It'll definitely be Python 3 compatible by the end of this year, but until then it's among the top 5 of things that cause me to stress out at random times when thinking of them ;)

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