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RM ANOVA question

I already knew how to do a RM ANOVA for two levels of a single factor. What I want to know how to do is a RM ANOVA when there are two factors each with 2 or more levels.

For example, if each participant in a study performed a hand-grip strength test before (pre) drinking coffee, and at three time points (p1, p2, and p3) after drinking coffee, this gives 4 levels for the factor Time. Now the same participants also were tested 4 times (pre, p1, p2, and p3) after drinking water (a placebo) on a different day. What I'd like to do is a 2X4 RM ANOVA where I have 2 levels for treatment (Coffee vs. Placebo), and 4 levels for Time (pre, p1, p2, p3).

My data table is already set up to conduct my analysis with all 8 dependent values for hand grip strength for each subject on a single row (with the 8 values in separate columns).

What I want to know how to do is to conduct the full 2x4 RM ANOVA in JASP. Many thanks!



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