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Factor Scaling in Lavaan for JASP

The JASP interface for Lavaan brings a lot of backend controls to the fron when computing SEM. But I'm running a model and found a strange button "Factor Scaling". I can't find any equivilent contrl in Lavaan's own documentation. It lets you choose between "Factor Loadings" (default in JASP), "Residual Variance", and "None". Switching between Factor Loadings and Residual Variance has a big effect on my coefficients and p-values, so I'm really curious to know that these options are used for. I've tried the same model out in RStudio and it looks like factor scaling is the same as the default I get running the model in RStudio. I've tried switching = TRUE, but I don't get the same results as "Residual Variance", so it's not just allowing the factors to float. Anyone know what this button is doing?


  • Let me ask those in the know...


  • Hi,

    the factor scaling "residual variance" option sets the option = TRUE for the call to lavaan.

    From the lavaan documentation: If TRUE, the metric of each latent variable is determined by fixing their (residual) variancesto 1.0. IfFALSE, the metric of each latent variable is determined by fixing the factor loadingof the first indicator to 1.0.

    I hope this answers your question!


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