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Running experiments with batch file


I'm designing an experiment with a lot of canvases (with inline script, for animation), and therefore the experiment is too heavy to be in only one osexp file (I get "out of memory" error).

To solve this problem, I divided the experiment into defferent parts while each part is in a different osexp flie. I want the experiment to still be continuing, without breaking after every part. So I though to use batch file with opensesamerun commands to run all the parts sequentially, but my problem is that I need all the "heavy" sections= all the canvases preparetion, to be before the experment begins.

Is there a command with opensesamerun for specific osexp file just to do it's prepare parts, and only after it to run the experiment? so I could prepare all the different experiment's parts at the top of the batch file and after it to use '.run' command without waiting for every part to be prepared?

Sorry if my explanation (and my spelling) is a bit of a mess :|



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