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JASP: Means in post hoc analysis


I’m very new to JASP so please excuse my very basic question.

After I run a repeated-measures two way ANOVA on my data I see there’s a main effect of one of the factors. I then run a post hoc Bonferonni but the result from this only shows the “mean difference” between the factors and not the actual mean of each factor. Is there a way to see this? The descriptive statistics doesn’t seem to be able to show the mean for the whole factor.

Thank you.


  • Hi mdlee,

    There are two ways to go about this:

    • In the RM ANOVA menu, you can click on the tab "additional options" and tick the box labeled "Descriptive statistics" - this will give you a table with the means for each cell of each factor combination.
    • In the Descriptives -> Descritptive statistics menu, you can ask for the grand mean of selected variables. You can then specify a factor variable with which to split the variables into groups and get the mean for each group. A .gif video with an example can be found here:

    I hope that clarifies it - if not, I'm happy to help further =)

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Johnny, Ah I see, that works! Thank you for the help.

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