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SMI output files in ascii format, can I convert to tsv?

Hi everybody, My name is Julian and I have been worked with Opensesame + EyeTribe, and everything worked well. But now, I started to work with a SMI RED250Mobile system + Opensesame + pygaze (plug-ins) and I have some problems, in special with the output files of the tracker. These files have been generated in ASCII format (see the attached file). How can convert these files into tsv format or how I can setup the output file format?

I really appreciate your help.


  • Hei Julian,

    I've been working with the SMI eyetracker as well, but I never got the output in this format. SMI has its own IDF Converter and some other programs. They also have BeGaze where you can directly load and open the output. Have you tried them already?


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